Professional Skills

Hello, my name is Mirko Benedetti. I’m a Software Developer, IT Engineer and I’m the founder of this website. Passion for technology is what drives me to excellence and to ever learn new things. Here is my my about page.

Skills Mirko Benedetti Software Engineer

I learned programming self-taught, at a very young age; today I’m keen on learning more and more, and programming is my job.

Look at my Linkedin profile in which you can find all my contact details as well as my resume: my Linkedin. Feel free to connect, and if you’re a French speaker I also have a Viadeo profile.

Here are my main competences:

PHP  MySQL  Linux  WordPress
Symfony  JavaScript  jQuery
Node.js  MongoDB
HTML  Bootstrap
Java  Android  PhoneGap
Ruby on Rails  C#  Python

I’m a humble and hard working person, always focused on meeting the target, which is what counts at the end of the day.

Reach and exceed expectations is my mission: the best reward for me is customer satisfaction and the good relationships between people, demanding customers do not frighten me.

Are you a Startupper, a Freelancer? Contact me, we’ll find a way to collaborate. Are you in a different country from Italy? Take into consideration remote working: we can do great things together. Or if it’s an important project, we can discuss a relocation.

In any case, we can talk about it. I will surely reach you with a short business trip wherever you are, if that’s the case.

If you want to know something more about me, here is my my Twitter, and I also have a GitHub account: it’s something very basic, but you can see the way I code and if you like it, my GitHub.