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Node.js to AWS S3, my introduction guide to the SDK

Dynamic languages may seem to be error prone in some ways because they often don’t have something like a compile time check and so on.

Take the case of Node.js, it has a high level of abstraction (you don’t have to face the bare metal of your machine) and its simplicity and conciseness of syntax allow us to write a lot less code.

The JavaScript programming language

Verbose code like the one written in Java leaves not doubt about what the program intends to do yes, but it can be tiring to write or even to read; although many IDEs can help with their autocomplete.

Admin AWS Java Programming Tutorials

Java and EC2: the AWS SDK in a few words

Welcome back you guys for this tutorial, and I’m super excited to present you the AWS Java SDK for EC2.

Java is a statically typed language and allows us to take control over insidious bugs that otherwise would be evident only at runtime: leaving you guys no other choice than working for long hours on a friday night, if something goes wrong in that particular day. And if it can… it will!

The Java programming language

This tutorial is based on Intellij Idea, a super smart IDE that contains a lot of features and useful stuff that can make life easier for all of you, even if you are an experienced one.

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Go Lang, an AWS S3 SDK quick and simple tutorial

And here we go again. We will continue this tour of AWS SDKs. This is the turn of Go, the Go programming language.

Now, first let’s consider a few links in which you will find some useful information about the language and the SDK. Take note of the followings: homepage for the Go language , here you will find how to install it. Then we have the reference API for the AWS sdk.

The Go programming language

Here is how to check if the installation went all right:

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Just one reason to prefer Python, the AWS S3 SDK explained

And as promised, here is my little surprise. For those of you who follow me, but also for you that visit this website for the first time: here will follow an important consideration.

Whether you are an experienced developer and want to enhance your career, or a newbie, passionate about programming and want to make a living and find job opportunities in the field of software development, take into consideration what I have to say to you.

The Python programming language

It may seem nothing, this little gift I intend to share with you, but trust me, it is the result of many years of experience and work in the tech field, so please take a moment to listen to me.

Admin AWS PHP Programming Tutorials

AWS S3 Tutorial: a quick PHP SDK introduction

Beginning by this episode we will be trying to examine all the possibilities offered to us by the various AWS SDKs. This time is the turn of PHP‘s SDK, we will explore all the others in times to come.

This tutorial’s code is trivial, you wouldn’t put it into production, it has nothing to do with a modular and OOP style of programming. In spite of its simplicity, it can give you all the key concepts that can guide you through the learning of AWS SDKs.

The Php programming language

The first thing I wanna do is to give you some references to start your learning, you will find some interesting stuff in this introduction page of AWS SDK for PHP.

Admin AWS Docker PHP Programming Tutorials Web Dev

Full LAMP Docker and AWS Introduction Tutorial

During this short exercise you will learn how to create a simple LAMP example application and deploy it using Docker on the Amazon Web Services ECS platform, with the help of RDS for a MySQL database.

All the following example is based on the AWS CLI, though we could have done faster and easier using the web based console. Instead, having gained a skill with the terminal interface, allows us to better understand how each step and parameter is working. In addition we will be able to create our own automation scripts based on the CLI.

Coding and Software Engineering

The prerequites for this tutorial are the installation of the AWS CLI and the ECS CLI. If you haven’t them installed on your system, please refer to these links on how to do it: install the AWS CLI and the ECS CLI.

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One minute Laravel and Docker Tutorial

In this short lesson we’re gonna focus on two topics we tackled some time ago in this mini series of tutorials: Laravel and Docker.

In the getting started section of the Laravel project’s documentation we can see that a vagrant box named Homestead is strongly adviced to begin with a quick and smooth developing experience.

Benedict.Cloud tutorial

Homestead is pre-packed with all the stuff necessary to begin the development of a Laravel application, but when it comes to deploying any application, Docker has many strong points that other virtual environments have not. In many cases it is a must: see this article of mine for further details.

Agile Programming Tutorials

Agile made easy, the quick Tutorial

In this quick tutorial we’re gonna leave the more technical topics to land into the Agile world, a methodology that allows us as startuppers to quickly adapt to frequent and unpredictable changes in projects’ requirements.

The Agile movement takes origin in 2001 from the experience of some prominent Software Developers who taught us some principles in Software Development which can make life easier for developers, deliver value to customers, build successful software projects. Among them we find Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, Robert C. Martin, Ward Cunningham, as first signatories.

The agile programming team

You can discover the others, as well as the movement’s 12 core principles at the following website: the agile manifesto.