My name is Mirko Benedetti and I’m the person behind this website. I began programming at the age of eleven and I’ve loved it ever since.

About Mirko Benedetti software engineer

I studied “Telecomunications” in Italy, where I subsequently worked as a Hardware Engineer for Siemens first, and Linkra Networks then; until this year, from the end of the nineties.

In the meantime recession hit hard in Italy and the company I worked for went bankrupt. They were exciting years, lots of people with their competences, many challenges won, some inevitably lost.

So I have quite a few years of study and work in the technology field, and my skills varies from hardware devices to software systems.

I still don’t consider myself as a ninja, because there’s always a lot to learn, and learning is a never ending process; furthermore I’m not the kind of person that focuses on one only side of the problem. I am a flexible and reliable professional and fit well in many roles: I’m a wild card.

Today, I’m not satisfied with my career and I’m looking for new opportunities: I’m committed to do the best to succeed. Challenges have never scared me, they’re are an essential tool through which we can take steps forward.

Life has taught me that technical skills are not the only key to success, but soft skills and human understanding are essential components to do well in any situation.

In my leisure time: playing some guitar, some good restaurant as well as a healthy lifestyle with a bit of physical exercise.

Well, that’s enough what I’m telling you. You can contact me any time you want and we can talk about your business, your needs and your ideas, contact me.