Xiaomi Mi the new era of Mobile Phones

After President Trump ban of Huawei, there seem to be less alternatives on the market than ever before. Protectionism of any kind could not be of any good for anyone.

Android has given us the possibility to access to mobile computing at a cheap price, have different prices combined with a good variety of models with different features. It is a standard and it’s free for all of us.

But what if we put global economy into the picture? The result is that we’ll all have to switch our preferences when it comes to mobile phones.

Xiaomi will be the best next alternative if we don’t want to go back to Samsung and at the same time get a cheap and powerful device.

Take ‘Xiaomi Mi 9T‘ for example, it is a middle and entry level phone at affordable prices. It features 6GB of RAM, 64 or 128 GB of storage, dual SIM, 3 cams, one of which reaches 48 megapixel ƒ/1.8.

It supports 4K resolution and it has HDR mode. Connectivity is 4G at 400 Mbps, while we also have ac type Wi-Fi, 5.0 Bluetooth, NFC.

USB type C could not be missing, although it doesn’t support video output. Fingerprint reader is on-board and a long life battery of 4000 mAh is present on this device.

Its display is an AMOLED for a 6,39″ in amplitude. And last but not least, a Qualcomm octa-core is under the hood.

Why and how you should consider Xiaomi

In brief, this Xiaomi is a valid alternative to Huawei in the short and middle term. But as we know, technology runs fast, and I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime Xiaomi is also thinking of making use of Harmony, Huawei’s new operating system. We’ll be discussing this later, take into consideration that available apps won’t be as guaranteed as the ones for Android. This is mainly due to technical difficulties that Huawei will have to solve.

Don’t you also forget that beginning by Android Q, updates will be available from Google itself and not from devices’ producers, as we were accustomed. We will have more choice, an improved experience, and phones will have longer lives.

Please note that our endorsing of this product is not paid and reflects only our opinions. Checkout Xiaomi official website for more info, feel free to contact me in person if you have any question.

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