Benedict Engineers

Benedict.Cloud fosters collaboration between Engineers. My main focus is putting people together to build amazing projects, I love open source.

business and technology

A network of Professionals

Benedict Engineers takes origin from the fact that Developers and Engineers rarely find old style management capable of extracting their true potential and creating oustanding value from their effort: I belive in the Agile manifesto.

software development

What I believe in

The result of bad management is a waste of time and money, instead Benedict.Cloud is actually powered by Engineers: I’m doing the dirty job, I’m on the first line and I’m not gonna leave it.

people and computers

Something more

Consultancy and Outsourcing is the role I play, the tech field is my ground. Software Development, Web and Mobile Applications, Cloud Infrastructure are my every day mantra.

I’m also building several in-house products, which include a CRM made for freelancers and a multilingual CMS, featuring different technologies such as Node.js and Php.

What we do

I’m continously looking for partners and strategic alliances, I have the right passion, mindset and know-how.
Are you an Engineer? Contact me, magic begins where spoken words end and great action takes place.
Do you own a business or manage one? Let’s have a talk, you’ll be closer to have your problem solved: my first consulting is completely free.

Web & Mobile

our experience regards mainly Web and Mobile applications.

Cloud Infrastructure

we like to put together development and operations.

Get in touch

Are you a Startupper, a Freelancer? Contact us, we'll find a way to collaborate.
You run a traditional business: we can satisfy your needs.