Mirko Benedetti

Hi, my name is Mirko Benedetti. I’m a Software Developer, IT Engineer and a micro entrepreneur. Passion for informatics is what drives me to ever improve myself and to ever learn new things. Here is, in short, my expertise:

PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Symfony, Laravel, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Java, Android, PhoneGap, Ruby on Rails, Python, Linux, MacOS.

Reach and exceed expectations is my mission: the best reward for me is customer satisfaction and the good relationships between people. Demanding customers are truly welcome.

Are you a Startupper, a Freelancer, you run a traditional business? Contact me, we’ll find a way to collaborate. Are you in a different country from Italy? Take into consideration remote working: we can do great things together.

Do email me at , we have got to find a solution for your technological issue.